Each investment typically goes through the following stages:



Scrutinization of business plans describing the sector, market, and strategy for future growth to ensure alignment with The Funding Partners’ interests. Although the simplest step, it is one of the most important as the unearthing of hidden gems require a variety of proficiencies and resources.



Screening Communicate with shareholders and management executives in the evaluation of shortlisted business plans to fit our stringent investment criteria among other conditions. The objective is to locate the most qualified while eliminating ineligible candidates.


Due Diligence
Evaluate with a standard of care; the legal constraints, tax implications and environment of the candidate’s corporation and country. Due diligence contributes significantly to uniformed decision making and enhances quality information in a reflexive manner on all costs, benefits, and risks.


Asset Allocation

This stage requires intensive numerical analysis on the valuation of the candidate’s assets and potential benefits that they bring to The Funding Partners. Once accurate figures are achieved, the deal is structured and final conditions are decided before closing the deal.


Asset Allocation

Adopt an active role throughout the deal, reviewing milestones and reports, and engaging in in-depth discussions with involved parties to understand and provide personalized support and assistance. The Funding Partners will provide additional value creation and development in accordance with each respective arrangement.



The Funding Partners will offer its stake to interested counterparties in the event we achieve our targets or when economic conditions become unfavourable. However, The Funding Partners generally constructs deals that are expected to last in perpetuity. We aim to revolutionize the industry and always look beyond.