Besides our work, The Funding Partners makes contributions to the developing countries in more direct ways too. We set aside a percentage of our annual performance towards helping the less fortunate through specialized programs. These programs have been integral as part of the company culture towards earning and giving.


Opportunity for Youth

The Funding Partners invests in programs that equip young people with the skills required for the changing global agriculture economy. These programs range from computer-learning to language courses for mainly 14-18 year olds’.


Community Service

The Funding Partners supports the countries involved in matching grants to nonprofits where our clients made personal monetary and time contributions. By working together, we can help create positive change and make communities thrive.


Building Projects

The Funding Partners organizes retreats to the countries involved to build schools, libraries and homes as a more hands on approach for volunteers and partners within the company and also outside of The Funding Partners. The interactions working with our partners, vendors and the children provide valuable insight on future philanthropic and non-philanthropic projects. This program also provides first-hand experience working with some who have benefited from our work.