Past Contributions

Past Contributions


At The Funding Partners, we strive towards obtaining maximum returns by aiding farmers in developing societies. Our keen investments have shown significant improvements in the lives of these communities and many agriculturists from these developing nations have benefited indirectly and directly from our work.



The Funding Partners has created more than ten thousand additional blue-collar jobs for individuals in the countries it is involved in and produced hundreds of professional entrepreneurs who together have ensured better income opportunity for future generations


Improved Standards of Living

Our investments in the agriculture sector provide increased food supply and revenue in lower income bracket regions that deserved a helping hand.



The Funding Partners focuses on growing internally as well. We emphasize greatly on developing the people at our company in areas of agriculture, technology, finance and also areas of personal well-being. At The Funding Partners we believe in a culture of working hard towards earning and giving.


Past Contributions

2011 – $100,000 USD matching grant to farmers in Kerala, India
2013 – Built schools and libraries in Phnom Penh, Cambodia
2015 – 6-month courses for youth in Hanoi, Vietnam
2017 – Gifted $500,000 worth of advanced agriculture technological equipment and raw material to over 1000 farmers in South Africa.